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Focus on Automation Podcast – Lean Robotics Methodology

With 2 millions manufacturing jobs predicted to go unfulfilled by 2020 throughout North America, an interest in deploying automation solutions is on the rise. Cue the collaborative robots (cobots)!

Listen to Michel Beauchemin, Robotiq Channel Sales Manager, discuss the 3 steps for successful robot cell deployment and common applications on The Knotts Company podcast “Focus on Automation”.

Lean Robotics ebook

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Free Lean Robotics resources are available to help you plan your robot cell deployment. Download them to see how the Lean Robotics methodology can work in your factory. Those resources are also explained in details in the Lean Robotics book.


Project Definition Phase

Team roles and responsibilities

Identify all the roles people will play in your robotic cell deployment project.

Design Phase

Manual Task Map template and example 

Start your robotic cell design by a manual task map, which is a static snapshot of the starting point from which you will work to improve.

Robotic Task Map template and example

Once your Manual Task Map is done, you are ready to figure out its robotic equivalent. Complete it to be ready to do the manual-robotic comparison

ROI calculator

The Lean Robotics ROI calculator will help you find out how long it would take you to pay back your robotic investment.

Design case acme

The acme case was built so that you can follow an example of the Lean Robotics design phase and relate to your factory’s particularities.

De-risking a project

Small early design choices have a big impact later in the project. To avoid any surprises, learn how to de-risk a concept.

Team skills spreadsheet

Which skills should you and your team members focus on acquiring? Start by assessing the current skill level in your organization.

Lean Robotics Deployment cycle summary

Whether you’re just getting started or well into your robot cell project, have a look at the big picture of Lean Robotics to make sure you’re right on track.

Robotiq eLearning

Robotiq eLearning is the only online platform on collaborative robots that integrates Lean Robotics concepts and real application content. With this free learning tool, we wish to help our customers along the Lean Robotics phases.

Integrate Phase

DoF, a Robotiq Community

Ask integration questions and get answer from pros on the DoF Community.

Operate Phase

Insights – Robotiq Product

Insights is a web application that measures Universal Robots performance. It monitors the robot cell and provides data to optimize your operation and increase productivity.

DoF, a Robotiq Community

Ask integration questions and get answer from pros on the DoF Community.

All resources package

All of our resources available for download in one free package