Deploy more productive robotic cells, faster

Standard Methodology

A Guide To Making Robots Work In Your Factory

Lean Robotics covers the complete robot cell deployment. It helps you get to production faster, increase productivity and achieve ROI quickly.

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The Manufacturer Is Key To Deploy Robots In His Factory

LeanĀ Robotics empowers managers and engineers by providing robotics skills that will match their management and manufacturing skills for a successful robotic cell deployment.

How Do I Get Started?

Learn how to map your manual task and create its robotic equivalent.

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A Continuous Process

Starting with less complex automation projects will help you build your skills for future, more complex projects.

Get To Production Faster

Learn how to focus on value-added tasks and get to production faster.

Humans Before Robots

Lean Robotics is about collaboration between humans and robots. Robotic cells must be safe for humans and that Robots must be tools usable by all.

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Get the Lean Robotics book to deepen your understanding of this standard robot deployment methodology.

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