The Lean Robotics Book: A Methodology For Simplifying Robotic Cell Deployments

“I wish I’d read Lean Robotics earlier. We’ve learned to start simple, get small wins, and stop over-complicating things. This book is our bible now”

Craig Zoberis, CEO, Fusion OEM

A Guide To Making Robots Work In Your Factory

  • Find a systematic way to complete the robotic cell deployment cycle, from design to integration and operation
  • Empower your team to deploy robots quicker and more efficiently than ever before
  • Everything you need to know about making robots work for you, whether you are a manufacturing manager or engineer
  • Deploy more productive robotic cells, faster, and much more…

About the author

Samuel Bouchard is the CEO of Robotiq, a company that he co-founded in 2008. Robotiq today serves manufacturers globally and has become a dominant voice in the fast-growing collaborative robots industry.

This book is the result of Bouchard’s decade of experience at Robotiq. The Robotiq team has helped thousands of manufacturers overcome manufacturing challenges using robots: from car component makers to electronics contract manufacturing firms; from first-time robot users to robotic experts looking at new ways to automate; and from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned machine shops.

Robotiq has also been recognized by Robotics Trends as one of the Top 50 most influential companies in robotics. Bouchard holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics from Laval University.

He lives in Québec City with his wife and four children.

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